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Corporate culture&values-三河亮克威泽工业涂料有限公司


Lankwitzer is a leading coating supplier in the field of railway market in China and a major supplier in the field of auto parts. To guide our organization and employees to comply the laws and regulations as well as Code of Conduct, We have identified our Vision, Mission, Core values and Code of Conduct as followings:


To be the leader of environment friendly and high efficiency industrial coatings and application


Higher value for customers;
More opportunities for employees;
Greater returns for business partners;
Sustainable development.


Customer first;                       Quality oriented;
Honest and trust;                   Win-win cooperation;
Focus and longstanding;      Endless innovation.


►Compliance with the law

LANKWITZER represents the principle of strict legality for all actions, measures, contracts and other processes of the Lankwitzer Group.

LANKWITZER sells its products in many countries of the world. Since the delivery and use of our products takes place in different countries, several borders must be crossed to reach the destination, depending on the transport route. It must always be ensured that export and import laws, customs regulations and all other laws and regulations of the transit and destination countries are observed.

► Business ethics

LANKWITZER excludes any unethical behaviour in commercial traffic. In particular, LANKWITZER refrains from any form of corruption, extortion and bribery.

► Employee rights

LANKWITZER pays salaries and social welfare benefits that are at least in line with national and local legal standards, regulations or agreements. It complies with the applicable regulations on working hours and holidays.

► Health and safety

Our employees are our most valuable resource. Health and safety, as well as a pleasant work environment, are therefore a key success factor for our corporate goals. For this reason, compliance with legal requirements on occupational health and safety and the improvement of working conditions are an integral part of our company philosophy.

► Handling of information and data protection

LANKWITZER complies with all applicable laws for the protection of personal data of employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We respect the expertise, patents, trade and business secrets of ourselves and of third parties and do not pass on such information to third parties without prior express written confirmation.

► Environmental protection: Committed to nature

It is everyone’s responsibility, especially industry, to use natural resources in a sustainable and accountable manner.

LANKWITZER supports internal and external efforts to act in an environmentally sound manner. We protect our environment and conserve natural resources. From an economic point of view, we also regard environmental protection as an important factor in improving the competitiveness of our company. Through our environmental certification to ISO 14001, we promote the knowledge and motivation of our employees towards environmentally sound behaviour.

Responsible use of resources such as water and energy is also one of our company’s fundamental concerns. This is why LANKWITZER has defined its own claim to continually question the energy efficiency and water consumption of its processes. On the one hand to ensure competitiveness, and on the other hand to make a contribution to environmental and climate protection.

Any violation of this code of conduct constitutes impairment of the business relationship between LANKWITZER and the supplier.

This Code of Conduct was put into effect on 01 January 2010. (01 January 2010)