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Lankwitzer has been focusing on coatings since foundation in Berlin,  Germany in 1952. After almost 70 years of long-term concentration, sustained development, technology innovation and mergers & acquisitions, it now has multiple production and R&D bases distributed in 16 countries, with more than 800 outstanding employees and a number of world advanced patents. Lankwitzer has become the world's leading industrial coating manufacturer and one of the major suppliers of international and domestic rail coatings and automotive parts coatings.

Lankwitzer is selected by high-end customers all over the world. That rely on excellent technology innovation ability, advanced coating production technology, strict quality control standards, perfect technical service support, advanced environment friendly products and continuously market needs of customers.  



Focus and persist on targeted markets and products is one of Lankwtzer's long-standing strategies. It's our driving force to achieve today's success and will lead us to better future.   
Lankwitzer focus on enviornment friendly and high performance coatings for targeted railway and automotive industry. We look for long term development rather than short term interests. Our advantages are tailor-made coating systems and solutions, modern production facility and management, excellent talents, reliable quality and best services to valuable customers.
We will make continuous improvement to offer better products and services to become your reliable long term partner! 

 Founder of Lankwitzer China          Luke Zhu

Lankwitzer China

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