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Lankwitzer not only provide series of standard product systems, but also provide tailor-made unique solutions for different substrates and applications according to customers' individual requirements and develop personalized product solutions. We continuously consolidate our leading position in the industry through accumulated experience over the years,  continuous expertise expansion, advanced process production system and perfect technical services.



Stainless steel features

Stainless steel has poor stain resistance. As the oil, dust, acid, alkali, and salt attached to the surface of the workpiece are transformed into corrosive media under certain conditions, they chemically react with certain components in the stainless steel, resulting in chemical corrosion and rust.

Various damages destroying passivation film reduces the protective ability of stainless steel, and is easy to react with chemical media, resulting in chemical corrosion and rust.

Project Requirements

Many subway lines at home and abroad use stainless steel car bodies. Due to destruction of the environment , damage during use and maintenance, and contact with iron parts, the car body has been severely corroded and stained.

The Los Angeles Metro requires that all exposed stainless steel surfaces should be coated with a coating that does not yellow over time and is easy to remove dirt and repaint.

In order to solve the problem of non staining resistance and long-term corrosion resistance of the stainless steel car body surface, Lankwitzer has launched a matching coating system with functions of protection, decoration and anti-graffiti.

Coating system : nano transparent primer + nano varnish

Because of high requirements for appearance on the surface of the stainless steel car body, it is not suitable to use destructive pretreatment methods such as sanding and sandblasting on the surface of the substrate. It can only be wiped with a cleaning agent or thinner, which requires high adhesion to the primer. Nano transparent primer has excellent adhesion, water resistance, salt spray resistance and temperature change resistance.

Because the surface coating of stainless steel car body has to withstand wind and sun, various pollutants and cleaning agent corrosion during long-term operation, nano varnish has excellent weather resistance, mechanical properties, chemical resistance and  anti-graffiti performance.


The pantograph is a device for rail vehicles to obtain electrical energy from the catenary, and is installed on the roof of the train.

The safety of pantograph system is very important to the safe operation of rail vehicles.

The coating used for the pantograph platform requires both insulation and arc resistance, as well as resistance to external forces and electrical breakdown    
The anti-arc and anti-breakdown insulation coating system developed by Lankwitzer is a protective coating system specially used for pantograph platforms. It includes three matching coatings for primer, filler and top coat, and is suitable for various rail vehicles.


Lankwitzer is the first company in China to develop anti-icing coatings for railway vehicles in cold regions.

The hazards of icing on the coating surface:

 ◥ The ice layer is easy to fall off during the locomotive traveling, and driving safety is effected.
 ◥ Icing on the coating surface can easily damage the coating and shorten the service life of the coating
◥  Freezing of the coating can damage electrical components
Traditional deicing methods: heating, mechanical or sprinkling salt water or chemical anti-icing reagents. Disadvantages: non-permanent, repeated spraying, high cost, environmental pollution, the development of anti-icing paint is imperative!

Anti-icing principle for coating:
◥ The key technology of anti-icing coating is to reduce or eliminate the adhesion of ice on the surface of the coating
◥ Ice-coating adhesion depends on the two: ①Van der Waals force ②Electrostatic force
Van der Waals force is reflected in the hydrophobicity of the coating, and electrostatic force is reflected in the dielectric constant of the coating surface.


◥  The high speed train rubber windshield is located at the junction of the two vehicles and is an important part of connecting the locomotive.

◥  The surface coating of the rubber windshield is easy to adhere to oil and dust during operation.

◥  As the windshield is stretched continuously during operation, the windshield coating is prone to cracking

◥  Coatings for rubber windshields were imported before, which caused problems such as high prices and unstable product quality.

◥  The purpose of development of project is to make up for domestic product gap and to develop a product that meets the environmental conditions and cleaning conditions of domestic rail transit operations.

The rubber paint uses a combination of acrylic resin and polyurethane resin. It has excellent weather resistance, high elasticity, high and low temperature stretchability and  chemical resistance.

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