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As an environment friendly product, water-based coatings have become the primary choice to replace traditional solvent-based products. After years of research, testing and application, the performance of water-based coating products has reached the level of solvent-based products, and some performance even exceeds solvent-based products.
The development and progress of water-based coating technology and the support of national policies and regulations have made it an unstoppable development trend.

Environment friendly- Lankwitzer water-based coating

Lankwitzer water-based coating has been developed and applied for more than ten years. The products have been certified by the German Federal Railways. It has been working closely with Siemens For many years. Rail vehicles painted with water-based coating run around the world.

  In 2012, Sanhe Lankwitzer Industry Coating Co., Ltd. began to introduce and localize the water-based coating system for rail vehicles from Germany Lankwitzer. Under the guidance of German experts, after a year of testing and verification, the localization of water-based paint products was completed.

◤  In 2014, Lankwitzer full set of internal and external water-based coating system was used for Qingdao Metro Line 3#,making Lankwitzer the first domestic coating company to successfully apply water-based coatings in the rail transit field.

  In 2016,  full internal and external coating system of water-based coating from Lankwitzer was  widely used on Zhengzhou Metro Line 1#, Singapore T251, Chongqing Metro 5#, Xuzhou Metro 1#, 2#, Jinan R1, Dalian Metro 2#.

Lankwitzer water-based coating for rail vehicles leads the industry in the fields of technology and performance. It makes significant contributions for reducing VOC emissions and protecting environment.

We are innovative and proactive. Not only satisfied with the achievements we have made, Lankwitzer has taken as a new research direction to improve coating efficiency and reduce energy consumption while promoting environment friendly water-based paints. The successful development of dual-curing UV varnish in 2016 combined water-based paint and UV paint to provide an environment friendly and efficient new coating system for rail vehicles.

chongqing metro 5#

chongqing metro 5#

qingdao metro 3#

qingdao metro 3#

zhengzhou metro1#

zhengzhou metro1#

xuzhou metro1#

xuzhou metro1#

shenzhen metro 6#

shenzhen metro 6#

shenzhen metro 10#

shenzhen metro 10#

jinan R1

jinan R1

Siemens / Ural Loks :  Light Rail Trains

Siemens / Ural Loks : Light Rail Trains

Application examples


  • Metro, urban rail

    qingdao 3#




    Kirin line

    shanghai 17#



  • high-speed rail

  • Motor train unit

    CRH5 Interior decoration of EMU

  • Bogies

  • Interior of Metro

    shenzhen 4#

    xuzhou 2#

    Sao Paulo airport line


  • Automobile

  • Car interior and exterior

    Central control


    Auto Logos

  • Brake disc

  • Bearing

  • Shock absorber


  • Bosch washing machine