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Lankwitzer always focus on innovation and technology and has become a leading supplier of environment friendly coating systems. We have the ability to skillfully combine stringent requirements from customers in the development of new products and complex production processes through decades of rich experience,expertises and development capabilities. Which makes Lankwitzer premium coatings.
Our core goal is to always provide customers with the best coating system. We will continue to consolidate the leading position of Lankwitzer in the industry through years of accumulated experience, continuous expertises expansion, tailor-made product solutions, advanced process production systems and perfect technical services.

Excellence in Color & Quality

Excellence in Color & Quality

The development of China high-speed train has been changing with each passing day in recent years. New types of high-speed train vehicles such as "Harmony", "Fuxing", "Golden Phoenix", "Green Hulk", "Ruixue Yingchun" and "Longfeng Chengxiang" have been launched one after another. In the automotive industry, with the development of new colors and new processes, new demands such as pearl , chameleon, CVD and high wear resistance are increasing.

We adhere to the product concept of "Excellent Color & Quality" and work closely with preferred raw material and equipment suppliers to continuously develop new colors, new products and new processes to ensure high product quality and stability. Lankwitzer commits to make China high-speed train as "Golden Name Card" to the world, to make urban rail and subway as a scenic line of cities and to make cars as a unique comfortable place for car owners.

Quality first, R&D in advance. There are hundreds of technical experts in Lankwitzer R&D centers to follow and lead the cutting-edge technology of coatings to focus on development and application of environment friendly coatings such as water-base, high solid, and UV curing paint. Lankwitzer leads the competition in the corresponding field with the best proof from choice of many industry benchmark companies to cooperate with us.