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High solid content coating

High solid content coating is solvent-based coatings that can meet environment protection standards. As an application where it is inconvenient to use water-based coatings, it enables customers to not only enjoy the ease of construction of solvent-based coatings, but also meet environment protection requirements.

High solid content coating is environment friendly due to its very high solids content and isocyanate-free formulation. Both VOC emissions and material consumption are reduced to a minimum. Due to the very fast drying, which does not require an oven, you can realize enormous savings potential in the painting process compared to current standard paint systems in terms of space requirements, painting times and energy costs.

High solid content coating can provide dry film thickness higher than that of ordinary solvent based coatings. All gloss level settings and colour tones are possible.

High solid content coating is a high-performance coating. Many parameters such as construction efficiency and VOC emission are comparable to or exceed in  the values of available 2K primers and top coats.



With the technology innovation of the EvoKure paint system, the development team at Lankwitzer are the first to succeed in combining speed, flexibility and ecology in the painting process.

The completely new EvoKure paint technology is characterised by extremely fast drying even at room temperature  and full processing flexibility. EvoKure is also suitable for wet-on-wet application, with extremely fast primer recoating times.

EvoKure is processed isocyanate-free and thus enables the environment requirements of tomorrow to be met today already.

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