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Comply with Law on Work Safety and Be the First Person Responsible – Quanjiao Factory and BSR Jointly Held an Emergency Drill

Date:2022-06-28 Views:915次

Safety is the biggest benefit of an enterprise. Since June, Quanjiao Lankwitzer Industrial Coating Co., Ltd. has actively carried out a safety production month themed “Complying with Law on Work Safety and Being the First Person Responsible” under the vigorous advocacy and organization of company leadership, giving staff in-depth impression and memory of safe production through activities like daily inspections led by leaders, weekly review and rectification, etc.


On June 24 in the 21st safe production month nationwide, Quanjiao Lankwitzer Industrial Coating Co., Ltd. and Quanjiao BSR jointly held a comprehensive emergency drill. Marco Si, the company’s general manager, served as the chief commander and Karl Liu, the company’s deputy general manager in charge of safety, served as the deputy commander to track and guide the whole process from emergency plan formulation to desktop maneuver and from group action during the drill to analysis and summary afterwards. All participating employees could start from practice, seriously integrate into every detail, and strive to achieve perfection, reflecting Lankwitzer people’s pursuit of excellence.


As the technical director of this drill, Quanjiao BSR sent its lead team with the qualifications of National 5th Level Emergency Rescuer and Anhui Red Cross Aid Senior Lecturer to provide professional demonstrations and explanations in correct use of fire extinguishers, first aid bandaging for the wounded, and CPR, etc.


This comprehensive emergency drill helps the staff to realize the importance of safe production as well as the responsibilities that each person takes and fully understand the significance of the theme of this safety month: “Complying with Law on Work Safety and Being the First Person Responsible”.

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