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Double Happiness Another Honorary Title Awarded to Lankwitzer

Date:2020-11-30 Views:151次

Recently, Lankwitzer was recognized as a “PRSI” Medium-sized Enterprises by the Hebei Department of Industry and Information Technology and Langfang Bureau of Industry and Information Technology respectively. After the preliminary examination, field inspection, and expert evaluation, Sanhe Lankwitzer was awarded the title. It is another affirmation for Lankwitzer after the awards of “High-Tech Enterprise” and “Little Giant of Science and Technology” in Hebei Province.


Meaning of PRSI:

P stands for Professionalism. It refers to products manufactured by the use of special technology or process with strong specialization, obvious professional characteristics, and market expertise, whose main characteristics include the specialization of product use, professional production process, technical know-how, and products in the segmented market with specialized development advantages.

R stands for Refinement. It refers to the use of advanced and applicable technology or process, as per the concept of excellence, to establish a fine and efficient management system and process. Through refined management, design and produce fine products carefully, whose main characteristics include the exquisiteness of the product, the depth of the process technology, and the fine management of the enterprise.

S stands for Specialization. It refers to products manufactured by the use of unique processes, technologies, formulas, or special raw materials, with regional characteristics or special features, whose main feature is the characterization of the product or service.

I stands for Innovation. It refers to self-proprietary high-tech products developed and produced relying on independent innovation, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, joint innovation, or the introduction and absorption of overseas technologies, whose main characteristics include the product (technology) innovation, advanced performance, high technological content, high added value, and significant economic and social benefits.

Hundreds of participating enterprises are going for this accreditation, and the criteria are quite high: the enterprise must be developed in professionalism, refinement, specialization, and innovation. The main business of the enterprise must be outstanding in the technology, market, quality, efficiency, and other aspects of the same industry with domestic leading positions, displaying advanced and exemplary roles. In addition, the possession of independent intellectual property rights is the “gate pass” for applying the PRSI title. Enterprises must have more than one patent, or proprietary technology, and have applied it in production. A company is eligible for qualification only after satisfying all the above conditions.


The successful recognition of the PRSI title is a verification of the enterprise, and a confirmation of the efforts made by Lankwitzer for its industrial paint over the years, which will further inspire Lankwitzer people to forge ahead, further improve the innovation capacity, enhance the core competitiveness, improve the professional level, and provide the world with more innovative paint system products and solutions with higher standards.