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Yuan Tongli, Standing Committee Member of Hebei Provincial Party Committee/Executive Vice Governor, Visited Sanhe Lankwitzer Co.

Date:2020-12-10 Views:151次

On the morning of December 6, 2020, Yuan Tongli, member of Hebei provincial party committee/executive vice governor, visited Sanhe Lankwitzer. He was accompanied by Yang Xiaohe, secretary of Langfang municipal committee, Yang Yanwei, mayor of municipal government, Jia Yongqing, standing committee member of municipal committee and executive vice mayor of municipal government, Zhan Xiaoyang, standing committee member of Langfang municipal committee/secretary of Sanhe municipal committee, Liu Lianjie, mayor of Sanhe municipal government, Li Binhai, standing committee member of municipal committee and executive vice mayor of municipal government, Liang Baojie, secretary of party working committee and director of the management committee of Yanjiao High-Tech Zone.


Marco Si, vice chairman of Lankwitzer, Kyan Gu, vice GM, Karl Liu, vice GM, and Stefan Schinke, chief production process engineer and international business director, received them personally. First of all, Mr.Si expressed his warm welcome and gratitude to vice governor Yuan and all the leaders for coming to the company (as one of the “Connection enterprises”) on a Sunday for visit. After that, Mr.Si introduced the company’s history, business scope, product technology, situation, and future plan to the leaders, and accompanied them to watch the application examples and exhibits of the company’s products.

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The delegation learned that the company’s main business involves rail transit and auto parts, especially its proprietary water-based eco-friendly paint technology, including alpine vehicle bogie anti-icing paint, low-volatility and low-odor eco-friendly water-based paint for interior decoration, desert anti-sand paint, pantograph high-elasticity anti-breakdown paint, rubber windshield high-abrasion-resistance elastic paint, UV dual-curing vehicle repair paint and many other advanced technologies and patented products in the field of rail transit. The paint has been widely applied to the Chinese standard rolling stock “Fuxing”, “Hexie”, “Hulk”, the special sample trains for the 2022 Winter Olympics: the Beijing-Zhangjiakou lines themed with “Auspicious Snow Welcoming Spring” and “Dragon and Phoenix Bringing Prosperity”, and the bullet train for Beijing-Xiong’an line. The participating leaders at all levels were impressed by the advanced technology, its core products, and application examples of Lankwitzer, and expressed their approval of the new technology and new products that Lankwitzer is going to develop in the future, such as green train battery paint and a new generation of water-based paint for rail transportation.

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Kyan Gu , Vice GM of Lankwitzer, said that Lankwitzer’s achievement today is the result of the long-term care, help, and support from the Party and the government at all levels, and also the result of the staff’s persistent innovation, the pursuit of excellence, and hard work. The visit of the leaders from the party committee and the provincial government will further inspire the corporate pride and sense of accomplishment among the Lankwitzer people. It also serves as a strong impetus for the company to move forward.

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Finally, the leaders at all levels expressed their full confidence in the future of Lankwitzer and promised their full support to Lankwitzer in terms of resource allocation and policy preferences. They hoped that, based on the existing achievements, Lankwitzer will further improve its working ideas, pay attention to innovation, make further efforts to become stronger and better, contribute to the promotion of the local economy and the construction of a civilized and harmonious society in Hebei.