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The Tourist Tram with Lankwitzer Paint Makes Wuyi Mountain More Beautiful

Date:2020-12-29 Views:166次


(As one of the “Top Ten Mountains in China”, Wuyi is famous both historically and culturally. It has a typical Danxia landform. Being the “most magnificent and marvelous in southeast China, it’s renowned for its natural blue water and red mountain”. Since the Qin and Han dynasties, Wuyi has been a place of residence for the Zen Buddhists, leaving behind a number of heritage sites like Taoist temples and nunneries. It is also a place for Confucian scholars to conduct teaching activities. Xu Xiake, the famous geographer from the Ming dynasty once praised: “Though it is not adjacent to the river, it provides the best view of the Nine Bend River. It should be the first peak of Mount Wuyi.”)

To promote the tourism of the Wuyi Mountain area, Nanping City of Fujian Province, invested in a PPP project, where the special line of a high-speed railway connecting Nanping and Wuyi Mountain scenic area was built. The special line is the first tourist sightseeing rail transit project in Fujian Province, and one of the key top-100 projects in the province.

CRRC Tangshan has manufactured custom-made 100% low-floor modern trams for this special line, where the paint for the entire car body is provided by Lankwitzer. This is another representative work made by Lankwitzer industrial paints and CRRC Tangshan to promote tourism in the whole area and the new way of leapfrog development after the Qingyuan Maglev project.

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About the appearance design, the car body adopts white, red, and orange as the main color, indicating enthusiasm and exuberance, reflecting the modern sense of the vehicle. Looking at the beautifully painted body, one can intuitively feel the high freshness and reflectivity of the paint. Moreover, it has a feature of fine surface, aesthetics, high hardness, and cleaning-friendliness. It is reported that the train is also painted with elements such as Dawang Mountain, Yu’nyu Mountain, Seven Sages of Jianyang that fully display the natural and humanistic style of Nanping. The opening of this special tourist line will add a beautiful sight to behold in Wuyi Mountain scenic area.

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Over the years, Lankwitzer has been upholding the product concept of “Starting with Beauty, Lasting with Quality”, constantly developing new colors, products, and technologies to ensure the high quality and stability of its service. The products of Lankwitzer have long been used in the“Hexie” and “Fuxing” series of China high-speed trains (such as the Fuxing high-speed train running on the Beijing-Xiong’an Intercity Railway, which is already in operation). In addition, Lankwitzer’s high-performance paint has been successfully applied to metro, urban rail, and special rail vehicles (maglev trains, trams, and suspended monorail trains). Regarding the development trend of the industry, Lankwitzer will continue to innovate and always stay at the forefront of rail transit paint development and application. In the future, Lankwitzer is further dedicated to improving its scientific and technological innovation capabilities, as well as providing paint products and solutions with more safety, eco-friendliness, and quality for the rail transit industry.