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Lankwitzer Helps Hebei Beijing Railway Drive to the Future

Date:2021-04-30 Views:211次

The spring breeze is pleasant and warm in April. On April 27, as an important infrastructure project for Asian Games Hangzhou, the first electric train of Shaoxing Metro Line 1 was launched at the intelligent manufacturing base of Hebei Beijing Railway (HBR). As the first urban rail transit line in Shaoxing, Line 1 adopts a type B2 train, grouped with 6-car (4-driver, 2-trailer), with a maximum running speed of 100km/h. It is reported that the mainline of Line 1 is planned to be commissioned before Asian Games Hangzhou in 2022. Lankwitzer cooperates with HBR to provide water-based eco-friendly paint for its complete vehicle.


The electric train coming off the line is specially designed according to the characteristics of Shaoxing city, the environmental protection, safety, and intelligence of the vehicles are fully considered in the material selection, structural design, and system assembly to ensure the vehicles operate maturely and reliably. For example, in the front appearance and interior decoration, the use of the “smile face” image represents the warm and inclusive city. Moreover, the integration of Shaoxing elements, such as the city flower “orchid”, classic painting “Wang Xizhi Catching The Goose”, and other embodiment indicating home of water, bridges, and calligraphy, not only shows the hospitality of Shaoxing for visitors all over the world but also highlights the romance and charm of this city in the Yangtze Delta. The design of the passenger room combines function, aesthetics, and Shaoxing city features perfectly. It is spacious and bright, communicating a profound meaning to guests.

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The successful launch of Shaoxing Metro Line 1 is a milestone in the cooperation between HBR and Lankwitzer. Over the years, Lankwitzer has been upholding the product concept of “Starting with Beauty, lasting with Quality”, constantly developing new colors, products, and technologies to ensure the high quality and stability of its service. The products of Lankwitzer have long been used in the“Hexie” and “Fuxing” series of China high-speed trains (such as the Fuxing high-speed train running on the Beijing-Xiongan Intercity Railway, which is already in operation). Regarding the development trend of the industry, Lankwitzer will continue to innovate and always stay at the forefront of railway paint development and application.

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In the future, Lankwitzer is further dedicated to improving its scientific and technological innovation capabilities, as well as providing paint products and solutions with more safety, eco-friendliness, and quality for the rail transit industry.

Lankwitzer industrial paints will also become better in facilitating the rail transit industry to enter an intelligent and green era, providing its unique system and solution for the world with an even higher standard.