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Lankwitzer Contributes “One Belt One Road” in Three Countries

Date:2019-06-12 Views:332次

“One Belt One Road”

In ancient times, there was the Silk Road, and now there is the “Belt and Road”. “One Belt One Road” brings Chinese solutions to give the world a win-win in the new era. The “One Belt One Road” runs through Asia, Europe, and Africa, practicing the Silk Road spirit of “peace and cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, reciprocal benefit, and win-win situation”, and promoting the historical wealth shared by mankind.

                               ——National top-level cooperation initiatives

Carrying the spirit of open regional cooperation, Lankwitzer Industrial Paint has been contributing to the “One Belt One Road” in the rail transit industry and has recently provided Lankwitzer paint solutions for the São Paulo Airport Line in Brazil, the Tel Aviv Red Line Light Rail Transit in Israel, and the T251 driverless subway vehicles in Singapore.

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São Paulo Airport Line in Brazil

The first airport line in South America - Line 13 in São Paulo, Brazil. The vehicle was “customized” with full-body anti-graffiti paint and an eco-friendly water-based interior paint.

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Tel Aviv Red Line LRT in Israel

The first train developed for the Red Line LRT in Tel Aviv, Israel, marks China’s first low-floor train exported to a developed country, using the full body and interior anti-graffiti paint system provided by Lankwitzer.

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T251 driverless subway vehicles in Singapore

The unmanned subway vehicles exported to Singapore by CRRC Qingdao Sifang were loaded and shipped at Qingdao port, and the full body paint used was Lankwitzer water-based paint.

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Interior decoration for Israel Tel Aviv Red Line Light Rail and São Paulo Airport Line.

The anti-graffiti four-layer paint system and water-based paint of Lankwitzer make them both strong and beautiful, realizing the industrial application of high-tech paint and technologies on rail transit equipment. Lankwitzer Industrial Paint will work harder to help the rail transit industry enter a more intelligent and green era in response to the national “One Belt One Road” spirit. The company will continue to provide paint system products and solutions at a higher standard and innovation.