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The Glittering Lankwitzer Water-based Paint

Date:2019-06-12 Views:350次


The first train of Xuzhou Metro Line 2: Chu-Han Yellow


The first train of Shenzhen Urban Rail Transit Line, phase III.

Recently, the first train of Xuzhou Metro Line 2 and the first train of Shenzhen Urban Rail Transit Line 4, Phase III, have been dressed in big red ribbons and made a stunning appearance. Among them, Xuzhou Metro Line 2 also integrates the feature of Xuzhou as “the hometown of emperors” and adopts “Chu-Han Yellow” to display the long-standing cultural characteristics of the city. Also, Lankwitzer Industrial Paint has provided a complete set of a water-based paint system for the entire car body and interior decoration of Xuzhou Metro Line 1, Xuzhou Metro Line 2, and Shenzhen Rail Transit Line 4.

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Shenzhen Rail Transit Line 4 interior water-based paint

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Xuzhou Metro Line 2 water-based paint

The golden dragon style of Han dynasty, with its majestic and concise texture, is a symbol of Xuzhou’s profound cultural connotation and historical heritage.

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Xuzhou Line 1

Lankwitzer’s water-based paint for rail vehicles is cutting-edge in the industry in terms of technology and performance. Its products have made a great contribution to reducing VOC emissions and protecting the environment. For the first time, Qingdao Line 3 used a complete set of water-based paint for its entire train. In recent years, more and additional orders have been placed for the complete set of Lankwitzer water-based paint system in metros of Xi'an, Dalian, Zhengzhou Line 1, Singapore T251, Shenzhen Line 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, Jinan R1, Chongqing Line 5, Qingdao oceanic valley (Blue Silicon Valley), and other projects. This time, the application of Lankwitzer products to the Xuzhou Line 1, Line 2, and Shenzhen Line 4 is another feather added to the cap.

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Bearing the ecological concept “The Green Mountains Are as Valuable as Mountains of Gold and Silver”, Lankwitzer adheres to the green and circular economy. By committing its faith in environmental protection, Lankwitzer will continue to support China’s rail vehicles and contribute to the cause of the Chinese metro by providing high-quality services.