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2019 Lankwitzer Mid-Year Sales Meeting A Complete Success

Date:2019-07-08 Views:233次

Lankwitzer Mid-Year Sales Meeting

On July 6, 2019, the mid-year sales meeting was held in Qinhuangdao, the famous seaside city, known as the “Summer Capital of China”, as scheduled. As a complete success, the 3-day meeting concluded. During the meeting, people have greatly experienced the charm of the Qinhuangdao seashore. Besides, they have traveled to the 4A-level tourist attraction, the Crystal Sugar Valley, to have Lankwitzer team-building activities.

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Report of 2019 Lankwitzer Mid-Year Sales Meeting

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First of all, chairman Zhu put forward a planning and practical plan on dealing with new challenges and seizing opportunities at present. It was once again made clear that innovation, specialization, and persistence are the core concepts and values of Lankwitzer. For that, Lankwitzer will continue to dedicate its focus to rail transit and auto parts. To develop the water-based paint color paste system, the company has hired Massimo Dinelli from Italy as the R&D director of water-based paint, to satisfy the demands of this bullish market and prepare a quick response to it.

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Vice-chairman Si also acknowledged the company’s solid profitability and stable growth today. To forge iron, one must be strong. Sustainable sales growth requires a higher level in the company’s management system and operational compliance. Everyone’s thoughts and efforts have to be directed towards one goal.

Team Building in Crystal Sugar Valley

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The Crystal Sugar Valley of Qinhuangdao has pleasant weather after the rain, resembling the beautiful regions south of the Yangtze River. There are charming scenery, fun games, and endless laughter along the way, which has great benefit to facilitate team building.

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The 2019 Mid-Year Sales Meeting of Lankwitzer came to a perfect end. Let's continue to witness the growth of Lankwitzer. With sincerity, innovation, and practicality, we shall stay true to the mission and forge ahead in the next half of 2019.