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The “Fuxing” locomotive family brings good news again! Lankwitzer contributes to the production of the first domestically manufactured internal combustion locomotive that has passed the EU St

Date:2023-12-24 Views:251次

Recently, the upgraded Fuxing-type 4400-horsepower internal combustion locomotive FXN5C, independently developed by CRRC Qishuyan Co., Ltd., officially rolled off the production line, meeting the EU Stage III B emission standards. This locomotive is the first domestically manufactured internal combustion locomotive to meet this emission standard, and it also holds the record globally for the highest power among internal combustion locomotives meeting this emission standard.

Lankwitzer provided the complete body coating for this locomotive.


The Fuxing-type 4400-horsepower internal combustion locomotive is positioned as the next-generation energy-efficient and environmentally friendly locomotive for future national trunkline freight transportation. It holds significant importance in enhancing our country's railway freight capacity and economic benefits.


Lankwitzer has been cooperating with CRRC for many years, providing products and services for its vehicles, including high-speed trains, subways, and locomotives both domestically and internationally.

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Based on the operational environment and environmental requirements for locomotives, the technician at Lankwitzer has tailored a customized product system for the FXN5C internal combustion locomotive. This ensures that the locomotive's paint finish possesses absolute advantages such as high weather resistance and excellent chemical resistance, thereby better guaranteeing the presentation quality of the paint color.

Lankwitzer, your trustworthy partner!

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