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Lankwitzer - "Coating" at Changzhou for new "painting" direction

Date:2024-04-27 Views:61次


The 6th MF Material & Coating Linkage Summit was grandly opened in Changzhou from April 24 to 26. Themed "New Direction of High Appearance and High Performance Coating", the Summit centered on the latest products and industry achievements in the coating industry.


Sanhe Lankwitzer Industry Coatings Co., Ltd. appeared the Summit as an exhibitor to propose coating solutions for diverse industries, attracting considerable customers for consultation and exchange at the exhibition booth. 



Looking ahead, Lankwitzer will see technological progress and innovation as its driving force, and optimized factor allocation as the fundamental guarantee, in a bid to embrace a huge ramp-up in total factor productivity. Additionally, it seeks to present “innovative” products to grow its “quality” efforts, and do its part for the green, sustainable and high-quality development of the national economy. 

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