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Moving Towards "Innovation", Promoting "Quality" Development | Lankwitzer debuted at Metro Trans 2024

Date:2024-06-16 Views:21次


2024 Beijing International Metro Transit Exhibition & Forum (Beijing-Nanjing) (or "Metro Trans" for short) was grandly opened at Nanjing International Expo Center (in Jinling, the ancient name of the beautiful city Nanjing) from June 13 to June 15.

Lankwitzer, together with its Full Life-cycle Coating Solution for Rail Transit Vehicles, made its amazing debut at the event, attracting the attention of a great many insiders.

Chinese President Xi Jinping once stressed that the new quality productive forces is “characterized by innovation, lies in excellent quality and internalized in advanced productive forces.”

Lankwitzer deeply grasps the essence of "innovation" and "quality", places technological innovation at the core of its development, and keeps promoting the upgrading of its products and services. Full Life-cycle Coating Solution for Rail Transit Vehicles,therefore, has emerged at the right moment, bringing about revolutionary changes to rail transit vehicles.

This Solution is a product solution featuring both ultra curing technology and LED photocuring technology, and is specially developed to meet the stringent requirements of a 30-year full life-cycle for rail transit vehicles. The approach greatly cut the overhaul cost of vehicle frames and achieved a dual improvement in both economic benefits and operational efficiency.

Additionally, this Solution can meet the 30-year service life of vehicle coatings, while addressing the problem of localized coating damage occurred during vehicle operation. Further, it employees a "fast repair system"that is convenient and fast, without the need for a professional construction environment. It also features low energy consumption, lower cost and high-quality maintenance, avoiding the dilemma of "if minor faults are neglected, big problems will come out when severe faults occur" during vehicle operation. This system can lead to the condition that rail transit vehicles are able to maintain a good coating state throughout their life cycles, and can reduce safety hazards while improving their reliability and appearances.


In terms of the pursuit of "quality", Lankwitzer is committed to following a path of high-quality development, controlling its product quality from the source, providing satisfactory after-sales services, and striving for excellence in every step. What’s more, Lankwitzer’s persistent pursuit of good quality has won widespread recognition and trust from its customers.

 Titbits at Metro Trans

Looking ahead to the future, Lankwitzer will continue to be driven by technological progress and innovation, take optimizing factor allocation as its fundamental guarantee, and keep bettering its service quality. Led by the new quality productive forces, the business will move towards "innovation", promote "quality" development, and do its part in the singing of the melody of transportation in the new era.


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