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Green coatings +eye-catching appearance ▏Lankwitzer adds luster to new energy locomotives

Date:2024-07-01 Views:19次

Guided by National Railway Administration of the People’s Republic of China and hosted by CRRC, Rail Transit Equipment Upgrading - Series New Energy Locomotive Launch Conference themed the "Digital, Smart and Green Traction to Create a Low Carbon Future" was held in Beijing on June 28.

Lankwitzer worked with CRRC Qishuyan Co., Ltd. to provide green water-based coatings for locomotives of "internal combustion engine+power battery" and locomotives of "power battery" at a power level of 1,500 kilowatts.



Lankwitzer's water-based coatings features advanced formulas and meets national and industry environment standards, effectively protecting the health of construction personnel and users. Environmental-friendly, the coating boasts excellent mechanical properties, good weather resistance and satisfactory aging resistance, which can long maintain the appearance of locomotives and cut down on overhaul costs.


Apart from the above strengths, the film-forming of Lankwitzer's water-based coating is highly colorful and glossy, with water-like flat surface and mirror-like luster. Also, the versatile coating can easily go with every sort of occasion: dazzling, splendid or unsophisticated, enabling new energy locomotives to stand out among considerable vehicles and embrace a dual improvement in both environment and aesthetics.

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