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Race to Present "Dazzling" Hub - Lankwitzer Listed into "Top 10 Brands of Wheel Coatings in 2024"

Date:2024-07-01 Views:18次

The "Top 10 Brands of Wheel Coatings in 2024" selection jointly organized by www.icoat.cc and China Aluminum Wheel Quality Association was kicked off recently in Qinhuangdao, a scenic city of Hebei Province.

Lankwitzer won the title of "Top 10 Brands of Wheel Coatings in 2024" thanks to its outstanding product quality and amazing market performance. 

The honor marked a recognition of Lankwitzer’s strengths, and also an approval of its continuous innovation and superior service in the field of wheel coatings. 


According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, China's automobile production and sales reached a new high in 2023, ranking first worldwide for 15 consecutive years. This achievement has demonstrated how rapid China's automotive scene goes and how intense the market competition is. Consequently, the automotive market has inevitably witnessed a “rat race” era characterized by "racing to undercut each other", "racing to cut costs", "racing to cut down staff" and "racing to work overtime"!


How enterprises break industry barriers and enhance their competitiveness has become a key issue in the face of the “dog-eat-dog” chapter.

Since its establishment, Lankwitzer has been committed to presenting high-quality wheel coatings by adopting advanced technology and stringent quality control system, in an effort to make every step meet high standards. Its products are able to meet the needs of different customers in terms of the hardness, weather resistance, adhesion and color brightness, showcasing Lankwitzer’s stellar performance. 

In addition to its excellent product performance, Lankwitzer also centers on growing its technological innovation and customer services. It sees a highly skilled and experienced R&D team to keep launching new products for both the market changes and the diversified market needs; Further, the business owns a comprehensive after-sales service system to provide customers with timely technical guidance and problem-solving solutions, winning widespread trust and support from the users.


The title of "Top 10 Brands of Wheel Coatings" this time was what Lankwitzer has done for ages to improve its quality and innovation efforts. Looking ahead, the company will adhere to its business philosophy of "Quality first, customer first" and contribute to the advancement of the wheel coating realm. 

Lankwitzer, Your trustworthy partner!