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CCTV Live: Lankwitzer Water-Based Paint on Exported Train to Europe

Date:2021-06-02 Views:384次

As another breakthrough and joint effort, 

China’s first double-decker high-speed train for export to Europe has rolled off the production line. 

It is modern and stylish in appearance but with speed, 

power and technology inside.

 Hurry up to be the first to enjoy the visual feast!

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On May 31, China’s first double-decker high-speed train for export to Europe was launched at CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CRRC ZELC) under the joint witness of Chinese and Austrian guests.

Lankwitzer has supplied a complete system of water-based paint, including primer, surfacer and topcoat paint, for CRRC ZELC. The paint not only satisfies the requirements of Sino-European environmental standards but also meets the rigorous demands of European customers on paint performance. It’s a perfect combination of environmental protectation and high performance!

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The launch of China’s double-deck train for export to Europe is another milestone in the cooperation between CRRC ZELC and Lankwitzer. China’s bullet trains and paints are going out to the world with joined hands.

With the concept of “Starting with Beauty, Lasting with Quality”, Lankwitzer will continue its innovation on paint color and technology, help the railway industry to the new era of environment protection with green technology, and offer higher quality and higher standard paint products and solutions.