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Auspicious Dragon Smart Travelling—Lankwitzer Adds Color to the Centennial of Chinese Communist Party

Date:2021-06-26 Views:403次

The new generation AI driving “Fuxing” train made by CRRC Sifang, which represents the world’s highest technology high-speed train, is officially put into operation today!

Lankwitzer provides a superb painting solution to display the visual feast of “Flying Auspicious Dragon”.


A Stunning Appearance

The new AI driving “Fuxing” train has a new exterior design and beautiful shape. With its low-drag streamlined head shape and smooth curves, it has enhanced the sense of speed, optimized the aerodynamic performance, and further reduced air resistance. The train body is painted with a three-color belt of red, vermilion, and yellow, displaying a wave-shaped surrounding and resembling a flying auspicious dragon. That’s why it’s called “Auspicious Dragon Smart Travelling”.


In response to the high appearance requirements of “ADST”, Lankwitzer worked closely with the designer team of CRRC Qingdao Sifang to introduce the state-of-the-art special pigments and develop a unique dazzling body exterior paint, enabling the display of beautiful color effect and fulfill the dream of “flying auspicious dragon” in the land of China.

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The entire train appearance exhibits a full-color and multi-layer effect. Moreover, the surface is as flat as water and bright as a reflecting mirror.

The metallic paint of Lankwitzer increases the beauty of the train. Moreover, it has an excellent performance in mechanical properties, weathering, and aging resistance, which can fully withstand the various environmental impacts encountered during high-speed operation.

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Without fear of the harsh environment, Lankwitzer will continue to provide its painting system products and solutions to the market with innovation and higher standard. The company contributes its strength to the rail transit industry in China and adds color to the Centennial of the Party with solid actions.