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Sharpen a Sword for Three Years—Dragon Phoenix Presents A Gift to the Party’s Centennial

Date:2021-06-26 Views:328次

As the global first-class HSR manufacturer, a new line of AI driving “Fuxing” train developed and produced by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles is launched. 

Lankwitzer helps to create the HSR painting at the highest level and offers it as a gift to the Party’s centennial anniversary.


The Dynamic Appearance of the Dragon and Phoenix

The appearance of the train adopts the traditional culture of the dragon and phoenix totem elements. The dancing red-and-yellow stripes signify” dragon soaring to the four seas, and the phoenix dancing to the nine heavens”. The theme of “Dragon and Phoenix Bringing Prosperity” implies the mission of China’s HSR in leading the world and benefiting mankind. It stands for the good wishes of the country’s prosperity, strength, and people’s happiness and well-being. Both sides of the train are “inlaid” with the golden “Fuxing” logo, making the train more shiny and eye-catching.


Turning the scheme from paper to reality was more difficult than imagined, where bottlenecks appeared several times in the trial production. The technical team of Lankwitzer has worked closely with the designer team of CRRC Changchun and the manufacturing workshop of HSR. After three years and countless trials, the drawing scheme was finally presented on the body of HSR, and a unique and innovative painting process for HSR was jointly developed. Moreover, Lankwitzer and CRRC Changchun co-applied for the patent of the special painting process.


Just like sharpening a sword for three years, Lankwitzer has adhered to the craftsmanship spirit by staying true to the mission. It will always remember its mission, continues to provide quality services for the Chinese rail vehicles, and contributes to the cause of China HSR.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, Lankwitzer presents the Dragon and Phoenix Bringing Prosperity, a special gift to the Party’s centennial.