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2022 Final Project, Successful Delivery of DB Berlin Hybrid Locomotive

Date:2022-12-26 Views:1195次

Since 2002, in which the industrial coating brand from Berlin, Germany, was introduced and took root in China, it has been 20 years of hard work and progress! And it has been 20 years of painstaking efforts. 

On the occasion of the closing of 2022, Lankwitzer water-based coatings took a breakthrough to provide the entire environmentally friendly water-based coatings for the Berlin hybrid shunting locomotive. 2022柏林1.jpg

The Berlin hybrid shunting locomotive is designed by CRRC Zhuzhou for Deutsche Bahn (DB), and the first batch of vehicles have been officially delivered to customers on December 20, 2022. This green and intelligent "locomotive" available in 3 power systems will soon be put into operation on the trunk railroad network in Germany. 

Lankwitzer has provided a full system of water-based coatings for CRRC Zhuzhou, which has not only satisfied the requirements of Chinese and European environmental standards, but also passed the acceptance of German railway vehicle experts and received unanimous approval! 2022柏林2.jpg2022柏林3.jpg

The delivery of the first batch of Berlin hybrid shunting locomotives represents a major milestone in the performance of DB Berlin Project; and is another symbol of Chinese locomotives going global and serving the European market together with painting solutions. 2022柏林4.jpg

The journey of twenty years is long with great efforts but is also short like an instant. It is both a historical leap and a brand-new start. Twenty years of achievements, honors and glories are only for the past, while progress and leaps are right in front of us. Facing the present and looking into the future, Lankwitzer will adheres to the product concept of “Aesthetic Appearance, Ultimate Quality”, continue to engage in research and development, improve the capabilities of scientific and technological innovation, contribute to the rail transit industry into the era of intelligent and environmental protection, and provide more advanced and higher standard coating system products and solutions for the world! 

Lankwitzer, your trustworthy partner!