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“Hydrogen-armed” Vehicle for a New Look - Lankwitzer Polishes“Ningdong”Hydrogen-Powered Locomotive

Date:2023-06-20 Views:269次

June 15, 2023

Delivery of “Ningdong”Hydrogen-powered Locomotive in CRRC

Lankwitzer: a provider of green water-based coatings


This is the hydrogen-powered locomotive with the largest installed power of hydrogen fuel cell, and also China’s first hydrogen-powered one transformed from the internal combustion locomotive. Its delivery serves as a signal that China's application and transformation technology of hydrogen energy has reached a new peak, and the country has the capability of "green and smart" re-engineering of its existing internal combustion locomotives.

Green development underlies a beautiful China and a high-quality advancement. Lankwitzer’s water-based system meets the requirements of both national environmental standards and stringent coating performance for power locomotives, realizing high performance and good appearance of the vehicles!

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Clean and environmental-friendly, "Ningdong" hydrogen-powered locomotive discharges only water for complete zero emissions of carbon and pollutants. Moreover, its significant quiet operation offers more comfort for its drivers and conductors.

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Lankwitzer will continue to follow the idea of green development, uphold the product concept of "Appearance-based, quality-persistent", renew its R&D efforts, improve its capabilities for technological innovation, help the rail transit industry enter an era of green and smart development, and provide more advanced and standardized coating system products and solutions worldwide!

Lankwitzer, your trustworthy partner!