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"Hydrogen" nears the future, Lankwitzer appears in WNEE

Date:2023-06-21 Views:212次

On June 19, 2023

In The 2023 World New Energy Expo (WNEE),

Lankwitzer and CRRC Qishuyan reached a sincere cooperation

for customized coating solutions of hydrogen-powered locomotives.


Appearance characteristics

The appearance of the locomotive is designed to incorporate the totem of traditional Chinese culture - the "Chinese dragon", as the “dragon’s face” - devised for the driver's cab, originates from the raised eyes and eyebrows of the "dragon", indicating the mighty power and dignified leadership; Also, the two sets of locomotive wheels look like "dragon claws", which are powerful and domineering.


Additionally, the colors are mainly fresh "cyan" to fully reflect the characteristics of green power, highlight the image of "light and fast" "hydrogen-powered" locomotives, and express a strong humanistic sentiment.

“Dragon is water-based”. Auspiciously, Changzhou is a historic "Dragon City", and 'Dragon' is the totem of the Chinese nation and the most representative element of Chinese culture. Thus, the scheme features highlighted Changzhou traits and Chinese characteristics.


Lankwitzer, according to the design concept, draws a blueprint on the locomotive body for an amazing appearance of the locomotive, which boasts rich colors and a sense of layering.

With an outdoor display area and an indoor one, this Expo, in addition to hydrogen-powered locomotives, also sees pure electric new energy locomotives, whose exterior coating solutions are also provided by Lankwitzer.


"Appearance-based, quality-persistent", kept developing new colors, products, and processes to ensure the high product quality and stability while constantly meeting the market needs of customers.

Lankwitzer, your trustworthy partner!