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A blaze of colour glosses Jiangnan | A Stunning Appearance of Asian Games Special Train by Lankwitzer color-painting

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July 21, 2023

Official appearance of The Asian Games Special Train in CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles

It is China’s second color-painted EMU following the Winter Olympics Special Train of "Rui Xue Ying Chun” (auspicious snow greets the spring)

Lankwitzer industrial coatings is privileged to become a supplier for the Special Trains of the Winter Olympics and the Asian Games Hangzhou.


Rainbow purple glosses Jiangnan

The Asian Games Special Train is highlighted by its distinctive looks both inside and outside, which is themed with "glossy Jiangnan" and full of elements of Asian Games Hangzhou. During the Games, this unique Train will act as a connector between Hangzhou and 5 co-hosts of Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Shaoxing, and Huzhou, becoming a "direct train" for the spectacular event.

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In terms of its appearance, the Asian Games Special Train embraces the rainbow purple from the 'Harmony of colors' of the color system of the Asian Games Hangzhou as the main scheme, showing a stellar visual tension. Purple, from the well-known verse for Hangzhou "At daybreak, red flowers at river rival fire; Spring river’s green color approaches blue", is a combination of red and blue herein and unveils more cultural connotations.

The exterior coating witnesses a gradient technology to reflect the original visual tension of colors, showing the changing and charming galloping train under the sunlight and amid mountains and rivers.

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The rich patterns and lines in the body are a perfect epitome of the core graphic of "glossing" in the visual image system of the Games, which highlights the original meaning of “glossing all directions, and benefiting the world" for the "core graphic" while echoing the smoothness and beauty of the train, and interprets the cutting-edge technology embodied in the high-speed train.

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Both sides of the body also see themed color bands, together with sprayed sports icons of different competition events for the Games, suggesting a close affinity with the Winter Olympics Special Train.

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Lankwitzer has worked with CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles for ages for the development of a unique and innovative coating process of high-speed trains and for the patent application of a special coating process, in a bid to realize the dream of color-painted high-speed trains and present good-looking vehicles.

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Lankwitzer will renew its efforts to develop themed color-paintings with various themes, styles and tones, customizing and beautifying trains galloping across China!

Lankwitzer, your trustworthy partner!

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