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New Technologies, New Products, New Trends | The Exchange Conference on Rapid Maintenance and New Technologies in Coating and Painting for Rail Transit Vehicles Concluded Successfully

Date:2023-11-01 Views:266次

The New Technologies, New Products, New Trends | Exchange Conference on Rapid Maintenance and New Technologies in Coating and Painting for Rail Transit Vehicles, organized by Lankwitzer and co-hosted by Shenzhen Tedarobotics Co., Ltd. and Tosso Automation Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., concluded at Quanjiao Lankwitzer on October 26-27, 2023.


During this exchange conference, Lankwitzer, in collaboration with Shenzhen Tedarobotics and Shanghai Tosso, aims to jointly develop a comprehensive solution for rail transit vehicle coatings and intelligent painting and polishing. Together, we will engage in discussions and share technological innovations and coating solutions for rail transit vehicles.

The main highlights of this conference include:

Vehicle rapid maintenance solutions based on LED curing technology;

Next-generation super coatings based on ultra-curing technology;

High aesthetic value painting - new trends in interior and exterior colors for rail transit vehicles;

Intelligent coating robot technology based on 3D visual scanning and automatic transformation;

Solution for intelligent polishing system for rail transit vehicle body coating.

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Speech by Zhu Hui, Chairman of Lankwitzer.


Ms. Wang Ling, Deputy General Manager of the Railway Division of Lankwitzer, briefly introduced the company’s development history: Over the past 20 years, Lankwitzer has never forgotten its original intention, depicting an outstanding journey with colors and interpreting commitments with quality.


The Market Manager of the Rail Division of Lankwitzer shared the 30-Minute Rapid Maintenance Technology for Rail Transit Vehicle Coatings, targeting the pain points and providing a comprehensive rapid maintenance solution for rail vehicles, truly achieving the goal of “unparalleled painting skills worldwide and swift mending of damages”.


Mr. Li Chen, the R&D Manager of Lankwitzer Industrial Coating Co. Ltd., shared with everyone the Ultra-curing Technology: Environmentally Friendly and Efficient High-Performance Coatings. It aims to meet the higher requirements of future high-speed trains for environmentally friendly, efficient, and high-performance coatings. The ultra-curing technology is opening a new chapter in rail transit vehicle coating.


Ultra-curing Test: Participants personally tested it and witnessed the ultra-curing charm!

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With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of aesthetic concepts, the appearance of rail transit vehicles is also constantly upgrading, bringing us a visual feast.

Mr. Zhang Hao, the R&D Director of Lankwitzer Industrial Coating Co. Ltd., shared the Prospects for Rail Transit Color Effect Trends, exploring the future development trends of rail transit color effects together.


Co-organizing and collaborating units

During the conference, the co-organizing units, Mr. Chen from Tedarobotics and Mr. Ge from Shanghai Tosso, also proposed the idea of empowering robots with vision and touch capabilities to achieve intelligent polishing of rail transit vehicle coatings. They aim to provide standardized products and intelligent solutions, ultimately realizing a green and efficient intelligent robot system.

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Factory tour and demonstration visit



Rapid maintenance operation demonstration


The attendees gained significant benefits and showed enthusiastic feedback as they acquired knowledge about new processes, technologies, and industry developments through the presentation.


Promoting communication through conferences and fostering development through knowledge sharing. Technology knows no bounds, and learning never ceases. The successful organization of this exchange conference is a testament to Lankwitzer’s continuous efforts and progress. In the future, we will continue to provide high-quality services for China’s rail transit vehicle industry and contribute to the progressive development of rail transit vehicles.