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"Bright" Future Worth "Painting” - Lankwitzer Takes You to the "China Defense Equipment Surface Treatment and Coating Exhibition"

Date:2023-12-12 Views:258次

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The 11th Shenzhen Military Expo and Defense Equipment Surface Treatment and Coating Exhibition officially opened on December 6, 2023, spanning three days.

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In line with the national directive advocating for "upholding the scientific outlook on development and enhancing independent innovation capabilities," and to accelerate the development of national defense and military modernization through civil-military integration, Sanhe Lankwitzer Industry Coating Co., Ltd. made its debut appearance at the military expo.

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At the exhibition, we stood out as a dazzling new star with our unique innovative technology and outstanding product quality. In this event, not only do we showcase high-tech products, but also demonstrated our understanding of military technology and boundless imagination for the future.

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The exhibited products included UV-cured coatings, peelable coatings, and hyper-cured coatings, each representing our perfect fusion of technology and artistry.

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[Radiance Reborn, Super-Curing the Future]

UV-Cured Coatings

Primarily referring to a new type of coatings that rapidly crosslink and cure under ultraviolet light exposure, with LED curing technology becoming the mainstream direction. Utilizing LED curing, these coatings cure within 3 seconds and are unaffected by temperature, drying quickly even at low temperatures. The coatings exhibit excellent resistance to water, oil, acids, alkalis, and chemicals.

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Hyper-Cured Coating (RevoQ)

The development of coating technology is advancing rapidly, and customer demands are continually increasing. In response to the challenges of how traditional two-component coatings can meet the requirements of environmental friendliness, low toxicity, rapid curing, easy application, and excellent performance, Lankwitzer consistently stands at the forefront of coating technology development. After devoted research efforts, we have pioneered the development of RevoQ®, a high-solid-content, environmentally friendly, super-cured coating product based on the Hyper-Cure technology within the non-isocyanate ester system. This innovation integrates environmental friendliness, low toxicity, extended durability, fast curing, and outstanding performance into one comprehensive solution.

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Peelable Coating

By utilizing a special curing mechanism and precisely adjusting the formulation, the adhesion to the substrate is modified after film formation. This allows for easy spray application, and after curing, a complete coating is formed that can be effortlessly peeled off from the surface of the workpiece without breaking.

Peelable coatings facilitate swift color changes for vehicle equipment, offering effective protection. After completing the task, they can be easily peeled off without leaving any residue, restoring the equipment to its original color.

For certain precision equipment, a peelable coating is applied before assembly to form a protective film on the surface of the equipment, which can help to prevent damage to the delicate surfaces during the assembly process. Once assembly is complete, the coating can be peeled off without any risk of contamination.

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Lankwitzer has been dedicated to providing the defense industry with the highest quality coating solutions. Let's explore new frontiers in coatings together and experience the charm of technology.

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"Bright" Future Worth “Painting”!